About Calendario Sagrado . ORG

About CalendarioSagrado.ORG

Projeto CMAIA (CMAIA Project) was created in 2006 by Thiago Cavalcanti in Brazil. Since then, the general public had no access to information about the Maya/Mesoamerican calendars. In Brazil, most brazilian people were thinking that Dreamspell was the Maya calendar, and much people still think that it is the Maya calendar. So this is one more reason for the CMAIA Project to work hard in Brazil and teach a little about Maya math, calendrics and religion.

This website, known by the domain CalendarioSagrado.ORG, has a clear goal: help to rescue and give more visibility to our ancestors calendars, the mysterious ancient people that had so singular concepts regarding time. It is undeniable that the website emerged as CMAIA Project's one more arm (Opened and Independent MesoAmerican Calendar Project - Projeto Calendário MesoAmericano Independente e Aberto in portuguese), being more focused in the calendar from America Central. This website will seek for the best utility tools or even build some of them, so the research can be more dynamic and independent. We have the intention to integrate our users and build a virtual community of people that admire and study the ancient calendar and ancient culture in general. Everyone is invite to collaborate with the website with articles that could bring knowledge about any anciente culture, about calendars or not. We ask the interested people to send their proposals to the e-mail address projetocmaia@gmail.com.